II  +sssssss+    -sssssssy-   +sssssss+ 
II yS:     `sS  -Sy`    `sS- yS:     `sS
II ss        `  -y-       `  ss        `
II ss          /sssssssssss\ ss         
II sS`         |SSSs:`.oSSS| sS`        
II -sssssss:   |SSSh   -SSS| -sssssss:  
II   -\ssssss- |SSSS)  sSSS|   -\ssssss-
II         `Ss |SSSs/__\SSS|         `Ss
II          ss \sssssssssss/          ss
II ,.       ss  ``      -s-  ,.       ss
II yS/     :Sy  -Ss.    `yS- yS/     :Sy
II  +sssssss+    -sssssssy-   +sssssss+ 

 I  S     S S     S S     S
 I  S       S       S      
 I        S       S       S
 I  S     S S     S S     S


[MEETING NEWS]: That's all, folks! No more meetings this semester. Good luck on your finals and we'll see you in the Fall!

The Information and Systems Security Society (ISSS) is a student organization at the University of Texas at Austin dedicated towards educating students on the topics of computer security. ISSS promotes a culture of security in the University by providing a safe learning environment for students to learn both software and hardware exploits as well as the underlying system behavior that enables them to be vulnerable.

Type help to view a list of available commands and navigate the site.

ISSS webShell, version
Created by Brian Cui and maintained by officers of ISSS.

These shell commands are defined internally. Type help to see this list. Internal commands are highlighted and external links are underlined and can be clicked to run and be opened, respectively.

register: Register for Security Day.
news: View the next meeting.

officers: View the current list of ISSS officers.
contact: View contact emails for the organization.
careers: View the careers masterlist.
sponsor: View corporate sponsorship information and opportunities.

fb: Opens the Facebook group.
sub: Opens the mailing list subscribe page.
unsub: Opens the mailing list unsubsribe page.

git: View the site's source code and other developer information.
clear: Clear the contents of the terminal.

Our general contact email is contact@isss.io. Corporate sponsors and inquiries related to organization sponsorship should email corporate@isss.io.

In addition to the general contact emails, our officers and teams can be individually emailed using the addresses below:

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The ISSS webShell is open source! Check out and build your own version of the ISSS webShell by viewing the source code on GitHub.

A JS library developed in parallel called terminator.js powers the site's terminal-like interface. It has a simple and flexible interface for building custom "programs" and terminal commands, and is also open source.

[MEETING NEWS]: That's all, folks! No more meetings this semester. Good luck on your finals and we'll see you in the Fall!


I've hacked the system and have retrieved the nuclear launch codes. be careful and keep these secure so they don't fall into the wrong hands.

Activation Sequence: 0000 0000
President's Secondary Auth: 1234 5678