CTF & Security Resources

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Binary Exploitation

  • Wargames (Practice)
    • Pwnable.kr - Always-on binary exploitation focused CTF
  • Learning Resources
    • pwn.college - A course to teach beginners about binary exploitation
    • RPISEC's Modern Binary Exploitation - A university course developed and run solely by students to teach skills in vulnerability research, reverse engineering, and binary exploitation
    • shellphish's how2heap - A repository for learning various heap exploitation techniques


  • Wargames (Practice)
  • Tools
    • CyberChef - A powerful tool that has encoders/decoders for all sorts of encodings and cryptosystems



  • Wargames (Practice)
    • OverTheWire - A collection of games that teach you how to use certain Linux commands and tools
  • Learning Resources
    • Linux Journey - Lessons that teach you about different aspects of Linux


  • Learning Resourcces
    • A Cat Explains... - A series of videos where a cat explains different networking (and other security related) topics
    • Professor Messer - Videos and notes about networking topics
  • Tools
    • Nessus - A network vulnerability scanner
    • Wireshark - A powerful tool that allows you to inspect, filter, analyze and capture networking traffic

Penetration Testing

Reverse Engineering

  • Wargames (Practice)
  • Tools
    • Ghidra - Free reverse engineering tool (decompiler, etc.) created by the NSA